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 get a member forum!
 Posted: Sep 15 2013, 11:00 PM
driving the fun-vee

24 years old
played by: faith

We have a special place where we will place a forum just for you, with your name/alias as the title. If you've not come across it yet, just click here and see what we're talking about. This is where you can keep your character(s) organized and free your creativity. You are welcome to place anything here from templates, graphics, calendars, thread trackers, whatever makes you happy. Just keep in mind that all of this is out of character and just completely for you as a member to use at your will. You can write snippets about them to keep up with their histories or to further develop them. There's no template to reply with, just reply letting us know that you need one. An admin will get one up for you as soon as we can!

If you need a post in your forum pinned, please see "topic moderation", located in this link.
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    Welcome to Restless Hearts! This marks our v2, having recently moved from an IF based board located in New York City. We have consistently been around since September of 2010. We're a site based on a beautiful gated housing community in Miami, Florida. Don't forget to register with first last ONLY in all lowercase letters. Check out all of our important links but if you have any questions don't hesitate to pop into the cbox, below!
    Ocean's West is home to some of the most elite names in Miami and many other social classes. By no means is it a perfect community, not even the gates can keep crime or darkness away. Located closed to shoreline, many of the homes have a breath taking view of the ocean. The housing community began construction over fifteen years ago and they're always expanding. Most recently they finished up an apartment building a little under a year ago.
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