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It's been three years and nine months since we opened Restless Hearts and I can't think of anything more amazing to celebrate! In september of 2010, we opened this with three admins and a hope for what we hoped would even last a couple of months, but it's went above and beyond the greatness we ever expected. Members have come and gone, staff have come and gone, and it's always been here. We have met some amazing people along the way and we've made friendships with people that we hope will carry on with us for the rest of our lives. It's the longest site i've ever been on and it's the longest site I've ever ran. I've seen this site through the worst of times and I've seen it at it's best.

Together, Kati and I have decided that the best thing for Restless Hearts is to close it down. We're both going through very busy times in our lives and our desire to do new things after almost four years of dedication to one site is overshadowing our ability to give Restless Hearts our all - and that's not fair to you guys to become half-hearted. Every single one of my plots is amazing and and I love each of you for making some of the best characters that I've had a chance to write with. The last thing I want to see of this site is for it become a ghost and before it gets to that point, we're going to pull the plug.

There are so many amazing plots here and amazing people and we hope that you understand. Everyone is more than welcome to continue finishing up plots and posts. You may continue posting for as long as you wish but we will be off-lining the board tonight. If you need to collect applications, we will open all the accepted apps.

Restless Hearts will always be in our hearts and we promise you that one day when the time is right, this place will be back! We wish everyone the best of luck!

Love Always,
Faith & Kati
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  • ocean's west, miami, florida
    Welcome to Restless Hearts! This marks our v2, having recently moved from an IF based board located in New York City. We have consistently been around since September of 2010. We're a site based on a beautiful gated housing community in Miami, Florida. Don't forget to register with first last ONLY in all lowercase letters. Check out all of our important links but if you have any questions don't hesitate to pop into the cbox, below!
    Ocean's West is home to some of the most elite names in Miami and many other social classes. By no means is it a perfect community, not even the gates can keep crime or darkness away. Located closed to shoreline, many of the homes have a breath taking view of the ocean. The housing community began construction over fifteen years ago and they're always expanding. Most recently they finished up an apartment building a little under a year ago.
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